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IEUME completes its research and preparatory work

The implementing partners of the IEUME project have successfully carried out the first phase of the development of the IO1 – An EBook on the IEUME Gamification Ecosystem and Methodological Framework. Αll partners researched and assessed current realities and prospective opportunities on the ground that need to be taken into consideration and/or could be utilized in the workings of IEUME.

As part of the first stage of the output development, the consortium examined and collected the existing training opportunities for migrants and prepared national reports laying out the existing integration policies of the implementing countries. Moreover, each partner carried out two focus groups with migrants and stakeholders in the field of migration that served as an opportunity to attain a clearer conception of current realities so to design and develop its outputs to best serve the learning and training needs of migrants. The consortium is now working on the compilation of the eBook that will be made available both online and in print.

The findings of the eBook and the conclusions drawn through the first stage of its development will guide the project team in the development of the rest of the outputs of the project. The project will design and develop an inclusive, interactive and user-friendly digital toolkit which will also feature gamified modules covering European socio-cultural, political and economic issues. In essence, the IEUME project will assist individuals of migrant background to receive information and to better understand important aspects of EU-related issues as well the rights and opportunities the Union offers them. The educational resources to be developed and made available will cover the fields of EU Institutions, Access to Rights, Political Culture and Civic Participation, Employability and Cultural Heritage.