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IEUME is a 2-year Erasmus+ KA2 Project that wishes to support, via innovative educational tools, the integration process of people with a migrant background (refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants). Said tools will help them gain access to information and a better understanding of some of the most important – and pertinent to them – EU-related issues, including the rights and obligations they have in their host EU states.

The project will design and develop an inclusive, interactive and user-friendly digital toolkit which will also feature gamified modules covering European socio-cultural, political and economic issues. The toolkit will also be available via mobile platforms/applications. In essence, the IEUME project will assist individuals of migrant background to receive information and to better understand important aspects of EU-related issues as well the rights and opportunities the Union offers them. The educational resources to be developed and made available will cover the fields of EU Institutions, Access to Rights, Political Culture and Civic Participation, Employability and Cultural Heritage.

Aims & Objectives

The design and development of an inclusive, interactive and user-friendly digital toolkit for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers which will include gamified online training modules for European socio-cultural, political and economic environment, which will also be available through mobile platforms/ applications.

  • Increase the availability and improve the quality of offered learning opportunities on EU politico-socio-cultural issues for adults and particularly migrants, refugees and minorities
  • Equip education and integration specialists with the necessary skills to foster a learning environment that celebrates equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Promote the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants and raise awareness about the refugee crisis in Europe
  • Encourage the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) as tools to enhance the access to education of individuals facing educational, economic, cultural and social challenges


IO1 – Development of the IEUME Gamification Ecosystem and Methodological Framework (eBook): An E-book laying out the Gamification Ecosystem and Brief reports about policy and practices of migrant integration in Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Austria and France and the EU as a whole.

View eBook Download eBook

IO2 - IEUME Gamified Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox: A curriculum and game scenario consisting of at least 5 chapters – the gamified environment and its resources will be developed based on the ECVET framework with specific units, descriptions of learning outcomes and information about the level of qualifications.

Accessing Rights in the EU European Culture and Heritage European unions’ (eu) system of governance and institutions Improving employability Key principles of Democracy & Civic Engagement

IO3 - IEUME Digital Gamified Platform - Open educational & training e-resource: The platform and mobile app will support the delivery of all online learning components of the project (online modules, databases, case studies, videos and the toolkit) and will support online interactive tools such as forums, blogs, social networking applications, mini games and chat rooms.

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IO4 - IEUME Skills Assessment, Validation and Recognition Tools: A package of tools for trainers, educators and social workers that will help them assess, validate and recognize the skills acquired through the provision of IEUME gamified learning environment

Download package of tools

IO5 - Migrants' Civic Education in the National and EU Adult Education Policies – Adaption and Policy Package: An online adaptation and policy package where it will provide specific guidelines to stakeholders as to how to integrate IEUME’s training package in their normal training activities.

View Adaptation and Policy Package Download Adaptation and Policy Package
View Adaptation and Policy Package- Executive Summary Download Adaptation and Policy Package - Executive Summary

FAQs: The implementing partners have collected valuable information responding to Migrants’ Frequently Asked Questions on Health, Education, Housing and Employment.

Cyprus Austria Portugal France Malta


IEUME involves the development of an inclusive, interactive and user-friendly digital platform, mobile app and tools to inform and educate migrants. The project incorporates and utilizes a wide array of ICT oriented tools such as an eBook, an online Toolbox and a Curriculum that will not only enhance migrants’ access to information but also promote authentic learning, peer support and digital literacy. Most importantly, it takes an innovative approach to learning developing gamified features in learning to enhance its effectiveness.