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A hard-hitting book, “Magic system: African footballers and the modern slave trade” tells the story of the newest type of human trade: that of African footballers who are ready to do anything in the hope of getting to Europe.

In their book, “Magic System: African footballers and the modern slave trade,” the journalists Christophe Gleizes and Barthélémy Gaillard explain how the dream of becoming a professional footballer in Europe is pushing thousands of young boys to set off on a dangerous adventure of migration. Along the way, the journalists recount that they often fall in to the hands of chancers and swindlers with no scruples who pretend to be football agents but actually operate like human traffickers. The journalists spent over a year traveling across West and Central Africa in order to gather testimony for their book. One of the journalists, Christophe Gleize spoke to InfoMigrants about their investigation.

Read More At: https://www.infomigrants.net/en/post/19733/migrating-for-football-the-harsh-reality-behind-the-dream